Minutes from 10-16-18

Erin Korhorn
Erin Thompson
Sara Goldman
Charlie Wade
Michelle Kaufman
Christina Livneh
Beits Livneh
Kelly Prosnier
Jennifer Tepedino
Jessica Chubirka

Halloween Buyback
Collect the leftovers
Sending the candy to the troops
Bring the candy to AZ orthodontist
Dine-Out Dinner Fundraisers
4-7 pm Chick-fil-A on 10/17/18
2 baskets to auction off
World of Illumination Fundraiser?
Synchronized light show
$29 per car
Magic by Robbie
45 minute Reading and Math Assembly for the entire school
Consider this for family fun night in February
Also use Matthew’s Icee
Simple fund App
Voted no
Download app and raise money for the school
It’s a click through site
Spirit Wear
Working on Magnets and decals to distribute and sell
Photos needed
Grant Writing
We skipped this topic
Community Sponsors
Charlie is to take over this
New Assistant Treasurer
Ashlee G is taking over
Photo Booth
Face Painters
Renting fewer bouncy houses
Thinking of doing a candy walk instead of the cake walk
Starts 10/26
Need Volunteers
Holiday Shop
Teachers are going to dress up to promote this
Winter decor needed
Money to go to possible Chrome Carts (another)
Currently have 8-10 carts
Need to check with the teachers to see where the money should go
Winter Donations needed
Scholastic Book Fair
Take home $2000
3 baskets to raffle
Scottsdale Parent Council
Meets monthly on Wednesdays
Need reps to go
ASITE Meeting
Looking in to comp aide and buddy benches for playground
Next Meeting 11/6

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