Meeting Minutes 12/3

Gina Dyer
Michelle Kaufman
Kelly Prosnier
Christina Livneh
Beits Livneh
Sara Goldman
Jen Tepedino
Ashlee Giersowski
Brehan King
Erin Thompson
Carla Calvinism
Jane Perlstein

Principal Information
Holiday Shop
Staff Spirit for 3 days
Ugly, Plaid, Accessories
FB Live to promote
Lower enrolled school at the moment
Not worried about closing
We are the 4th lowest
Plan to advertise the school better
IB Program
Nancy Norman to do marketing
Sign put up near Dessert Mountain with an arrow to show where Anasazi is
Scottsdale Sign
Huge Light Poll Banner
Signs to promote
Go to Preschools or day cares
May be able to add the 3’s class
Need 18
Need 36 to make 2 room for 4’s
PTO Help
Realtors in the area to help promote
Jen to ask legal if we could be on flyers for the agents
May be able to promote the agents in return
Need Printer Access
Ghost writers for Publications
Design and order Magnets (Car Magnet)

Different way teacher plans lessons and then carry it out
Fun Run
News to maybe come do a story on the school and the Fun Run
Need to make sure that the kids are allowed to be on tv
Make sure parents sign consent
Thinking Map School
6 hr training on Sat for teachers
Graphic organizer
Systematic lessons from PreK-5
Will take place in Feb
Helps students with thinking in the writing
Teachers information
Asked if the teachers ok with the Dream Dinner
Some are ok with the idea
SUD Council
Email to get on the list to stay up-to-date
request parents and PTO signup
Committee to be developed to go to meetings
Everyone is welcomed
Jen T
All Bills are in and need to be paid
Expense were down
Out of pocket $500
Grant is $1000
Working on this with Steve
May need w9 as tax id
District backup lights maybe
there are none
Use High school
maybe but not sure
Buy rather rent
Maybe 4
Thank the Bonnstetter family for helping bring with the light issues
Holiday Shop
Need volunteers
Set up
Take down
Need wrappers
Teachers will email parents as a reminder the day prior
We may do a pop up after with the leftovers
Maybe Mother’s Day
Maybe Father’a Day
Used Book Fair
News Crew
Showcase the items
Family Game Night
Assembly Feb 25
Magic Robby
Feb 27
Magic show and game night
Show 1 hr
5:45-6 to start
Need someone do tickets
Need someone to run BINGO
Need more volunteers
Doing well
Goldie’s/Zipps Dec 12
Papa Johns Dec 21
Fun Run
1/22 Assembly
1/31 Fun Run
Big Dog coming back to run it
Online Auction
Nothing to report
Sharing the auction with the middle school
Ms Waldron Recap
Low in tax credit dollars
Used for:
Field trips
Need to get more people to use it
Next Meeting: 1/9/19

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