Meeting Notes

Gina Dyer
Michelle Kaufman
Ashlee Giersewski
Kelly Prosnier
Christina Livneh
Beits Livneh
Alaina School
Sherry Stipp
Sara Goldman
Tricia Laches
Erin Thompson
Hillary West
Krista Roland

Amy Gallo
Buddy Bench
Class to speak about it and what to do if they need a friend or see someone that needs a friend
Social Emotional
Sanford Harmony
Fix the students emotionally before they get to high school
Teachers to promote social and emotional aspect
8-11 am Sign up
Holiday Shop
Made $4000
wrap and deliver to class next year
Especially for kids that have a lot of items
Teacher reminders helped
Need more:
Volunteers to wrap
Ms. Jamison
Teacher Feedback
They liked the book basket
Teachers are happy
Teacher Lunch
delivery was late because driver went to the wrong place
Next year maybe have them come earlier
Fun Run
May have an assembly or have them go into the classes due to Mad Dog’s schedule
Principal Notes
Not something PTO can do
District wants to handle this
Need to improve speakers
Need to improve set up system for Chorus concert
Car Magnets
1000 magnets for $495
Big name _ANASAZI
Giveaway at first to get them out there
Then sell
Star Student
Magnet to use instead of sticker
Get quote
Stanford Harmony
Social stories, puppets —Age appropriate
Teach students to be more proactive then reactive with problems and decisions
3rd Grade level needs new Chrome cart
Use money from fundraisers to buy new computers
Volunteer lunch for parents
It would be a way for the teachers/administration staff to say “thank you” to all the PTO and parent volunteers
Thinking of doing this in April/May
Welcome back Chalk
Great way to boost moral for the new year
Kids felt special
Buddy Bench
Amy Gallo will go into each class to explain what the buddy bench is and what to do if they need to use it or see someone using it
Would like to have parents promote the meaning of the bench at home as well
PBIS Assembly
Remind students of the core value
Each student will receive a bracelet
Kindergarten Round Up
Very successful
Next one next Thursday at 9 am
Need more volunteers
Able to bring siblings
Sign up genius email to go out to list again
Corporate Sponsors
Able to get on the Marquee
Diane said we are not able to use the back of the marquee for this
Sponsors are mentioned on the website
Incorporate signs at the Fun Run
Online Auction
Will be combining with the middle school
School specific items and teacher events will be only Anasazi
This included the parking spots
Able to get some items donated from businesses and Corporate Sponsors
Teacher/Administrator Ideas
Principal for a Day
Toy store
Teachers will not be driving the students and events can not take place at a teacher’s home
Parent is responsible for driving their student to the event
Family Game Night
Tricia has volunteered to run this
Bingo game
Beits will work with Tricia on this
Magician Robby
Voted to cancel him from the event
Hot Dogs
Maybe Chick-fil-A
Baked Bear Maybe
Pre-order would be the best way to handle the food
Online Sales
This is what we would like to have majority of the orders from
Make good preorder deals/specials to persuade people to order online
Need to 2 to 3 teachers to volunteer to help with Bingo
Date: 2/27
$5 gift card
Maybe AZ Ortho can donate items
Glow Putt
Chick-fil-A gift card
Additional Items to consider:
Snow Cone Maker
Fun Run
January 31
Big Dog coming back
Better Prizes this year
Teacher prizes
More recess
Homework pass
Contract Changes
$1.50 fee to be paid by the person who is donating if paying online via credit card
In the past, the fee was paid by Fun Run
Pay per lap
Minimum of $36 regardless of how many laps you run
Disappointing because the kids enjoyed get more and more laps
Negative moral with the change and contract was to stay the same as previous years
Raising money going towards Technology
Used Book Fair
Need donations for old books
There will be a drop off box in the office
Art Walk
Run by Erin
Need to pick a day in May
May have the chorus concert again
Debating on this in the cafeteria as it was very noisy and people were not listening to the kids
May move them to the courtyard
4th and 5th graders
Ms. Waldron offered to DJ
Free for the kids
Budget: $300-$500
Items to have at the dance:
Glow Sticks
Mad Greens – 1/16
Papa Johns – 1/22
Looking to next year
Email Michelle if you would like to have a position
Proposed list and then we will vote at the next meeting
PTO Money
We need to purchase something big to show where the money is going to better the school and the students
Science Lab
Maybe use an open room to create this
Alternative Seating for the classroom
Goes along with the IB Program
Big ticket for this year: Chrome Cart
Diane to get a quote
LY $12000 for 36 computers

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