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Our students are looking for great parents who want to help the Anasazi students, teachers and faculty!

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Executive Board

  • President
    President Michelle Kaufman
  • Co-VP of Special Events
    Co-VP of Special Events Sara Goldman
  • Co-Treasurer
    Co-Treasurer Devin Johnson
  • Co-VP of Special Events
    Co-VP of Special Events Sherry Stipp
  • Secretary
    Secretary Gina Dyer
  • Co-Treasurer
    Co-Treasurer Kelly Prosnier
  • Co-VP of Communications
    Co-VP of Communications Christina Livneh
  • CO-VP of Communication
    CO-VP of Communication Beits Livneh

Committee Chairs

  • Health office support
    Health office support Devin Johnson
  • Back to School Packs
    Back to School Packs Nicole Vick
  • Grant Writing
    Grant Writing Hillary West
  • Webmaster
    Webmaster Beits Livneh
  • Social Media
    Social Media Christina Livneh
  • Spirit Wear
    Spirit Wear Jane Perlstein
  • Trekkers
    Trekkers Position filled
  • Community Sponsors
    Community Sponsors Tricia Laches
  • Yearbook
    Yearbook Position open!
  • Photographer
    Photographer Position open!
  • Photographer
    Photographer Position open!
  • Room Parent Coordinator
    Room Parent Coordinator Ashlee Gierszewski
  • Dine in Dinner Coordinator
    Dine in Dinner Coordinator Erin Korhorn
  • Membership
    Membership Altina Scholl
  • Book Fair
    Book Fair Michelle Kaufman
  • Birthday Book Club
    Birthday Book Club Altina Scholl
  • New Family Liaison
    New Family Liaison Jane Perlstein
  • Bulletin Board
    Bulletin Board Sara Chelton
  • Teacher’s Birthdays
    Teacher’s Birthdays Ashlee Gierszewski
  • Fifth Grade Recognition
    Fifth Grade Recognition Suzanne Tomasello
  • Copy Room Coordinator
    Copy Room Coordinator Diane S.
  • Halloween Buy Back Program
    Halloween Buy Back Program Jessica Chubirka
  • Shoppers Rewards
    Shoppers Rewards Julie Figura
  • In Reach/Out Reach
    In Reach/Out Reach On as needed basis
  • Fall Carnival
    Fall Carnival Jen Tepedino
  • Fun Run
    Fun Run Rachael May
  • Online Auction
    Online Auction Carla Calvisi
  • Family Fun Nights
    Family Fun Nights Charlie Wade
  • Art Walk/Baskets
    Art Walk/Baskets Erin Thompson
  • Hospitality
    Hospitality Brehan King
  • Holiday Shop
    Holiday Shop Christina Livneh
  • Email Communication
    Email Communication Christina Livneh
  • Directory
    Directory Beits Livneh
  • Community Sponsors
    Community Sponsors Devin Johnson
  • Grant Writing
    Grant Writing Cindy Bagcioglu
  • Community Outreach
    Community Outreach Claire Fifield
  • Fifth Grade Recognition
    Fifth Grade Recognition Kelly Prosnier
  • Carnival Volunteers
    Carnival Volunteers Gina Dyer
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